Should You Drive an Electric Car?

Electric cars have actually been around for a long time, invented back in 1884 by a man called Thomas Parker. Although in recent years they have been overshadowed by the more popular petrol and diesel engined cars, all this could be changing as countries around the world look for ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric cars are completely free from all emissions, as they run using a powerful battery rather than a fuelled engine.  One of the main reasons people are put off of electric cars is the cost factor. They can be expensive to buy, so immediately they seem more costly than a regular car. The thing to consider here is the longer term costs involved: you often will have no tax to pay (because they are zero emissions) and the cost of charging is mere pennies rather than the cost of refuelling with petrol or diesel.

The first thing you notice which is different when driving an electric car is the complete silence! There is no noise from the engine, in fact, the only noise you will hear is the wind and the tyres.  They are easy to drive and are often automatic transmission, so you really only have one pedal to worry about.